Anger : act don’t react

Most humans get angry at the littlest things, things that they can’t control. They get overwhelmed and react at the slightest trigger that leads to anger or uncontrolled emotions.

They often want to control the environment or outcome of the situation, when they fail they get anxious that then turns to anger.

You can’t prevent rain and storms though you can always prepare for it.

Photo by Niranjan _ Photographs on Unsplash

How you can stop letting anger get the best of you

Don’t worry about the things you can’t control.

You are the main character of your life. Every single day is like an episode of your life series. If you are aware and mindful of your actions, you are in control of your life, if not you are letting others take control of it that will make you a puppet of others in your own life.

When you get irritated with people, you are letting them define your mood and feeling. When something happens which was not in your control, you let it affect your day considering that today is not your day etc. It is just about the right mindset and being aware of the moment, defining how that moment affects you if you look back at it in future, one of the episodes of your life series.

Anger could be a very powerful tool only if you know how to redirect it and use it to your advantage. ;)



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Devanshu Bisht

Animation student who writes sometimes and is crazy about productivity sometimes.